Wearable Music

all your music in a backpack

A wearable amplifier story.

Partybag is the first range of wearable amplifiers, designed and fully made in Italy.

New Partybag 7

Backpack amplifier for microphones and musical instruments

Partybag 7 is a wearable speaker system powered by rechargeable battery, tweaked for voice, guitar and bass amplification.

The ideal amplifier to provide clear and powerful sound for events requiring the highest degree of lightness and portability.

Partybag Mini

Above all suspicion.

Even smaller, Partybag Mini is a speaker with an exceptional power-to-weight ratio:

2.4Kg for a Sound Pressure Level reaching 112dB.

The perfect match between power and portability.

Partybag Wireless System

A radio system on the move!

A professional system to share sound between Partybags and connect wireless microphones, integrated in a completely ergonomic backpack.

They are already playing


Midnight Runners

The Midnight Runners run and celebrate with Partybag in Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and more to come!


Intuitive Instruments choose Partybag Mini to play Dualo everywhere.

Ivan Rizzotto

Ivan Rizzotto, school teacher in Catania works with Partybag Mini.


The famous footwear brand Brooks choose Partybag to power-up their events.

Erasmus Student Network

Many students associations use Partybag for their activities.
Here our friends of ESN Roma are playing in the park.

Roy Paci

Partybag always travels with me, this is for sure,
having it always in my car, I like to get to my friend's house and improvise a DJ set with just a mobile phone and my Partybag.

Roy Paci - trumpeter, singer and composer.

Sasha Boldachev

Sasha Boldachev - Harper-virtuoso, composer, teacher, invited Soloist of Bolshoi Theater did a concert in the Black Rock Desert (USA) for the Buring Man Festival with his Partybag.

Silvia Diomelli

Silvia Diomelli, puppet player in Florence, use Partybag Mini to give the sound to her stage.