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We at Partybag staff would like to tell you a very important thing about our products, and the way we work in general. Partybag is not one of the many products that beg for your attention before sale just to deteriorate once in your hands, until disposal: we want your Partybag to faithfully work for you for years to come, keep its value as much as possible, extend its life even beyond its original purpose. We don’t want to sell you an object ready to become waste in a few years, but something that can keep on working and evolving.

That’s why Partybag models are realized with resistant and easy to repair materials, with as little plastic as possible, and with simply replaceable components. That’s why we are always ready to help you for any technical problem or special request about your Partybag. That’s also why, even after the warranty has expired, we provide check-ups, repairs and upgrade at excellent prices, and we can also give you a fair offer to swap your old Partybag for a newer model.

We know that on the market there are many “disposable” products for very low prices, and we know that money is always a delicate subject, but we also want you to know that your Partybag has a long term value, and that the landfills in our only and beloved planet are just too full to keep on filling them with waste.