Partybag 6 Bass Test

In this video, Diego Onorato presents the sound of the portable wearable speaker Partybag 6.
First with an handmade electric bass of Nicola di Leo, then with a contrabass Gewa with Fisherman pickups.

The audio is been recordered with a cardioid microphone (Shure 55SH SII).

Special thanks to Luthier Nicola Di Leo for hosting us in his atelier in Giampaolo Orsini Street, Florence.

Here is the video:

Partybag Mini Review by RockON (JP)

During the MusikMesse show in Frankfurt many have shown interests in our products.

We are proud to receive and share the first review of Partybag Mini in Japan language.


First ascent wearing PARTYBAG amplifier backpack

Here is what happen when you give a very lightweight amplifier to experts, young crazy, funny, climbers.
Are you convinced that Partybag is very lightweight? Where do you imagine to bring some music now?